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Copie de Copie de Copie de Copie de Copie de Gray and White Simple Minimalist Real Estate

  1. ​Maenam local market : Twice a day, the local market down the road to maenam hills. The market has a wide range of food choice, from thai dessert specialities, to fresh vegetables. It's the perfect place to go grocery shopping to cook in our beautiful well equipped kitchens

  2. Maenam beach : is 5 minutes away from Maenam hills which is known for it's 7 km stretch of white sand and lined by coconut trees, here is a video which showcases the beach : Maenam beach video

  3. massage parlors :

  4. Try a muay thai class : muay thai is the national sport of thailand, why not experience true thailand by experiencing its essence ? ​muay thai is a form of kickboxing in addition of elbows strikes, knee strikes and wrestling. It's a crazy good workout, and one of the best self-defence martial art. you can go down the road of maenam hills koh samui villa rental at lionheart muay thai the local muay thai gym to try it out, and why not discover a new passion

  5. walking street

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